Choosing a World-Class Beach Cruiser Bicycle and Meeting Dave Weiner (again) from Priority Bicycles

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Meeting Dave Weiner & Priority Bicycles

… chronicling major development in our journey to become the best-run and most socially-connected bike rental and bike tour business in Puerto Rico – and the world. The following is a brief summary and our story of meeting Dave Weiner & Priority Bikes – July 2018.


Priority Bicycles Carbon Fiber No-Chain Bikes

Priority Bicycles Makes Amazing Modern Premium Unique Carbon Fiber Belt-driven Bicycles

Dave Weiner & Priority Bicycles

I briefly met Dave Weiner as a competitor in 2016, at the meeting at The Citadel in Central Park to publicly review the Central Park Bike Rental Concession (RFP).

After leading the winning effort and acquiring the exclusive 6-year contract for bicycle rental inside Central Park and NYC Parks; Dave contacted me about the possibility of purchasing a fleet of Priority Bicycles for Bike Rent NYC. I researched the bicycles and his local NYC-based business, and realized that these high-quality bikes would offer better ROI over a two-year period (or longer), as opposed to churning the fleet annually with less-expensive bicycles. I expressed this conclusion to the owner of Bike Rent NYC but he decided against the purchase.

Dave and I stayed connected on LinkedIn, and once again spoke in 2017. I had called Dave for a quote when writing the business plan and proposal for a real-estate and management company that was considering sponsoring a bike share program in Connecticut. The plan featured Priority Bicycles and accessories, and the implementation of a cutting-edge Dockless Bike Share technology from Donkey Republic – based in Copenhagen.

Today we met 1-1 and in-person for the first time at the showroom located at 175 Hudson in New York City. I was very impressed with the big windows and large open minimalist space, it was more like a Soho Art Gallery than what I expect from a bicycle showroom. The difference was that the variety of Priority Bicycles were the art pieces displayed. A central kitchen and bar are near the entrance and there were no visible desks or cubicles.

Talking Bikes with Dave Weiner

Dave and I “talked bikes” as I am considering Priority Bicycles and the primary supplier for the beach bike rental fleet I need to acquire for service in Juan, Puerto Rico – launching in 2019.

Dave’s internal marketing and PR are phenomenal, he and Priority Bikes are often featured in the press: Why This CEO Quit His Job to Pursue a Childhood Dream (

We also discussed-agreed that…

 “a technology background is a distinct competitive advantage for any small businesses, and that the advantage extends through production, operations, and sales and marketing”.

As a successful small business owner (SBO) and the former CEO of an International Software Company, Dave has unique insight.

The next step is to test the Priority Coast Beach Cruiser Bicycle. I’ll post the results on this blog when ready.

Thank you for reading, Mark

Priority Coast Beach Cruiser Bicycle

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