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The Schwinn Hybrid Comfort Bike features an aluminum frame with wide cushy comfort seat with springs, a Shimano 21-speed with Z-Fire shifters rear derailleur, and both front and rear alloy brakes, and alloy wheels with high profile rims.
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Comfort Bike Rental in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Premium bike rental starting at $7.50 per hour (2-hr min.), in San Juan. This bicycle for rent is fast, fun, and responsive enough for a multitude of uses. Stay fit, get active, and go on authentic adventures in San Juan, or anywhere in Puerto Rico. Rent the Schwinn Hybrid Comfort Bike, it’s ready for you to take on the most demanding hills or cobblestone pavements or trails.

Comfort Hybrids Fit People 4′ 8 to 6′ 8″

Comfort hybrid bikes comfortably fit all people from 5-feet and 8 inches tall to 6-feet and 8-inches tall. All bikes are great for all people. We do not classify or identify bicycles by gender.

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Comfort Bike Rental Starting at $15

See our full bike rental price list here.

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Below is a comprehensive list of the Schwinn Comfort Bike specifications.

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