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Escape to Culebra Island, Puerto Rico for Scenic Beauty and Snorkeling

Culebra is where you go for amzing snorkeling, pristine beaches and basking in natural beauty.

Culebra is budget-friendly and has an island escape “feel with great beaches that feature snorkeling. The island of Culebra is small and located approximately 20 miles off the North-East coast of the main island of Puerto Rico. 

Culebra Island is seven (7) miles x four (4) miles in diameter and is a favorite attraction destination for both tourists and locals from all around the island.

Culebra has no crowds, little-to-no crime, and no traffic  (unless you’re a Sea Turtle). 

Culebra does not feature luxury resorts, casinos, elegant restaurants, theaters, or night life… “which we like”. I

Flamenco Beach is the top-ranked beach in Puerto Rico and annually often one of the top-ranked beaches in the world by TripAdvisor.

Culebra Beach features lifeguard towers, kiosks or trucks selling local food, beach accessories like umbrellas annd chairs, and easy access from the town of Dewey – where the ferry boat arrives)

Best beach world-ranking throughout the years:

What is a Blue Flag Beach (PR), and What Does that Mean?

Most of all, however, these beaches are guaranteed to be administered in a way that is safe and environmentally conscious. Blue Flag criteria must be met at all times since registered inspectors can drop by at any time to make an inspection!

If a particular beach has been given Blue Flag distinction, visitors can expect to find that certain criteria are constantly met with. 

  • The beach needs to have an officially designated bathing area
  • The size and name of the beach must be officially recognized on a national level
  • The beach must be clearly marked out in some way or another

Puerto Rico has seven (7) Blue Flag beaches. 

The majority of tourists (and locals too) will never find, see or visit one of Puerto Rico’s amazing Blue Flag Beaches! Don’t be that guy/gal!

See more and do more sightseeing in Puerto Rico and find our best beachs and natural science hidden treasures. 

  • Boqueron Beach (Cabo Rojo)
  • Carolina Beach
  • Pelicano Beach (Ponce)
  • Punta Salinas (Toa Baja)
  • La Monserrate (Luquillo)
  • Sunbay Beach (Vieques)
  • Seven Seas (Fajardo).

A most-interesting island adventure await you in Culebra, PR.

Each of these beaches has its own special appeal. The beaches are loctaed throughout the island, so you are quite likely to find a Blue Flag beach near where ever you are staying. 

If you want to enjoy a particularly first-class island beach holiday, it would probably be best for you to seek out one of these beaches. That way you can be sure that you will enjoy clean, healthy water and sand while you soak up the sun and make the most of your holid

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