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Jaime Benítez Park & Condado Lagoon

Laguna del Condado (Condado Lagoon) feature Condado Kayak Rental, and empties into the Atlantic Ocean through El Boquerón, an inlet spanned by the Dos Hermanos Bridge through the San Antonio Creek. It is one of two natural lagoons in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Visit Jaime Benítez Park & Condado Lagoon to admire the outdoors​

Condado Lagoon (Laguna del Condado) is located in San Juan, Puerto Rico and is a body of water that flows freely between the Condado and Miramar neighborhoods of Santurce.

Located next to the Condado Lagoon (in Condado) is Jaime Benítez Park with an estimated capacity of 1000 persons, created for the public and for private events. Jaime Benítez Park / Laguna del Condado National Park is also a popular hangout spot for locals and familes.

More than half of our Bike Rental customers and all Bike Tour customers experience this unique and beautiful space, as it is also the beginning of the Car Free Bike Path and our Condado to Viejo San Juan Guided Bike Tour.

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Explore the wildlife in Condado Lagoon

There are now over 300 species, including birds, reptiles, amphibians and 124 species of tropical fish that are associated with the Condado Lagoon and its mangrove habitat. The Lagoon includes coral reefs that are home to sponges, starfish and sea urchins and other fish and marine invertebrates. Turtles and Manatees are occasional visitors swimming inside the Condado Lagoon.

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