Puerto Rico Bicycle Safety Rules and Provisions Regarding the Use of Bicycles

Puerto Rico Public Policy 9 L.P.R.A. - § 5321a.
TITLE 9 Highways and Traffic - Chapter 27

Puerto Rico Vehicle and Traffic Law (2000) - Subchapter X


Bicycle Safety Rules;

“it is hereby declared as the public policy of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico to provide conditions that will allow and promote the use and enjoyment of bicycles as a means of transportation or recreation. As part of the implementation of this public policy, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico shall have the following responsibilities”.

(a) Instruct drivers of vehicles or motor vehicles on their obligation to share the public highways with cyclists.

(b) Instruct cyclists on their obligation to comply with the norms established for the use and enjoyment of all public areas.

(c) Provide public buildings with adequate parking areas for bicycles located near entrances.

(d) Motivate persons and the citizenry in general to use bicycles as a means of transportation.

(e) Improve and increase the quality of data pertaining to bicycle accidents.

(f) Amend those laws that place cyclists at a disadvantage in comparison to drivers of vehicles or motor vehicles.

(g) Instruct law enforcement officials, judges and prosecutors on the contents of this subchapter.

(h) Identify and improve streets, roads and highways so they can be used by cyclists.

(i) Plan and develop exclusive bicycle lanes as parallel or alternate lanes in controlled access highways.

History of Puerto Rico Bicycle Safety Rules

Jan. 7, 2000, No. 22, added as § 11.02 on June 3, 2004, No. 132, § 11, eff. 8 months after June 3, 2004. Puerto Rico Bicycle Safety Rules – Laws of Puerto Rico Annotated

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When a crash occurs betaween motor vehicle and a bike, it is the cyclist who is most likely to be injured or die.

Bicyclists accounted for 2.2 percent of all traffic deaths in 2016. Bicyclist deaths occurred most often between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. (20%) and in urban areas (71%). The vast majority of bicyclists killed were male (84%) and the largest number of males injured were between 55 to 59 years old. 

Ignoring bicycle safety rules, alcohol was a factor in 29 percent of traffic crashes in which the bicyclist (or driver) had blood alcohol concentrations (BACs) of .08 grams per deciliter (g/dL) or higher, the illegal alcohol level in all States.

With adherence to bicycle safety rules clearly many crashes can be avoided if everyone follows the rules of the road and watches out for each other with courtesy. We will do whatever we can to promote safe and courteous cycling. Failure to follow our rules will result in an immediate end to the contract and repossession of all equipment immediately.

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