The gallery contains reproductions of powerful original photographs no display at the ASOCIACION DE FOTOPERIODISTAS DE PUERTO RICO – reproductions by Mark Derho.

Things to Do in Puerto Rico

When considering things to do in Puerto Rico, we enjoyed an interesting and free historical tour of the ASOCIACION DE FOTOPERIODISTAS DE PUERTO RICO installation, in August 2018.

We were particularly moved by the beautiful and poignant protest photos, and images of the Puerto Rican people bravely protesting authoritarian rule, and being tear-gassed for peacefully protesting.


Dr. Bailey K. Ashford

Dr. Bailey K. Ashford cured approximately 300,000 Puerto Rican’s (1/3 of Puerto Rico population) of Hookworm and saved their lives.  – Wiki

Colonel Bailey K. Ashford (September 28, 1873 – September 10, 1934) was an American physician who had a military career in the United States Army, and afterward taught full-time at the School of Tropical Medicine, which he helped establish in San Juan.

A pioneering physician in the treatment of anemia, while stationed in Puerto Rico Ashford organized and conducted a parasite treatment campaign against hookworm, which cured approximately 300,000 persons (one-third of the Puerto Rico population). This reduced the death rate from associated anemia by 90 percent. He was a founding member of the Puerto Rico Anemia Commission


Ashford Residence

In his honor, the main avenue in the San Juan, Puerto Rico district of “El Condado”, bears his name as does Ashford Presbyterian Community Hospital, also in Condado. His home in Condado, the Ashford Residence is being preserved and renovated and currently houses the ASOCIACION DE FOTOPERIODISTAS DE PUERTO RICO.

In 1941, The American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, established the “Bailey K. Ashford Medal”. This is awarded for distinguished work in tropical medicine to a worker in his or her early or mid-career. The first person to receive the award was Lloyd E. Rozeboom. The medal is awarded every year, and more than one award may be given.

Dr. Ashford died on September 10, 1934, in his home in San Juan. His remains were interred in Puerto Rico National Cemetery in the city of Bayamón.

Who Is Liana Fiol Matta?


Who Is Liana Fiol Matta?

Liana Fiol Matta was the 16th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico, serving from April 11, 2014 to February 1, 2016.

 Liana Fiol Matta born 1946) is a Puerto Rican jurist and formerly the 16th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico. Fiol was born in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico and is the second woman in Puerto Rican history to serve in the highest court of the island as well as being the second woman to hold the post of Chief Justice.

Miriam Naveira de Merly was the first woman to serve on the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico as well as the first female Chief Justice.

Brief Biography of Liana Fiol Matta

Fiol received her Law degree from the University of Puerto Rico, Magna Cum Laude, and later her Masters and Doctorate degree from Columbia University. She was a law professor in Puerto Rico during the 1980s until she was appointed Judge of the Court of Appeals of Puerto Rico by Governor Rafael Hernández Colón. She held that seat until 2003, when Governor Sila Calderónappointed her to the Supreme Court. She was confirmed by the Senate and began her duties on February, 2004. At present besides being an Associate Justice of the Puerto Rico Supreme Court, she is a Tenured Professor at the University of Puerto Rico School of Law. On April 11, 2014, Fiol Matta became the 16th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico, after being nominated by Governor Alejandro García Padilla, thus succeeding Federico Hernández Denton as court chief justice. Served as Chief Justice until her retirement on February 1, 2016.

Justice Fiol Matta was perceived as the leading liberal voice in the Puerto Rican high court ntil her retirement.

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