Robert Dennison 6-3- to 6-6 at 5pm

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Hybrid 21-Speed Comfort Bike

Our most-popular and lowest-priced adult bicycle. Great for hills and exploring Condado and San Juan Metro communities.

Powder Blue – Step-Thru Frame

Silver & Black – Diamond Frame

  • Two (2) Hours Bike Rental
  • Free Use of Bike Helmet
  • Free Use of Bike Lock

Choose the Number of Hybrid Bikes to Rent for 2-Hours.

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Walk-in or send your rental time requested to email or call (787) 497-0007.

(971) 545-5741
Robert Dennison
1 lock
no helmets
no w/b holder
Return 5-18 by 3pm
Roll-over to 1-month, total $150

Payment acknowledges full responsibility for reading safety contract and waiver for the entire party: 


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Comfort Bike Features

  • Schwinn aluminum frame is lightweight for a responsive, agile ride
  • 7-speed Shimano grip shifter works with a Shimano rear derailleur for precise gear changes
  • Front and rear alloy linear-pull brakes offer smooth, controlled stopping
  • Light and strong alloy rims add crucial durability without weighing you down
  • Alloy crank with a built-in chain guard protects your pant legs






Activity: I have chosen to rent and participate in bike rental or bike tour services (hereinafter referred to as “the Activity”, which is organized by JESSA LLC (DBA)  BIKE RENT PUERTO RICO (hereinafter referred to as “BRPR”). I understand that the Activity is inherently hazardous and I may be exposed to dangers and hazards, including some of the following: falls, injuries associated with a fall, injuries from lack of fitness, death, equipment failures and negligence of others. As a consequence of these risks, I may be seriously hurt or disabled or may die from the resulting injuries and my property may also be damaged. In consideration of the permission to participate in the Activity, I agree to the terms contained in this contract. I agree to follow the rules and directions for the Activity, including any Puerto Rico traffic laws and park rules.


Liability: All adult customers assume full liability and ride at their own risk. If you feel that you or anyone in your party cannot operate a bicycle safely and competently, that person should not rent or ride a bicycle. All children are to be supervised at all times by their parents or an adult over the age of 18. All adult customers assume full liability and responsibility for the care of bikes and equipment and will be charged up to a $400 replacement and restocking fee if damage or loss occurs for any reason.  Lock lost or the key will be charged a $40 replacement fee. This will be discussed at checkout and you acknowledge and accept the fees upon signature.


C9 L.P.R.A. – § 5321a.

All children under the age of 16 must wear a helmet pursuant to Puerto Rico Law. With the purchase of bicycle services, you hereby release and hold harmless from all liabilities, causes of action, claims and demands that may arise in any way from injury, death, loss or harm that may occur. This release does not extend to any claims for gross negligence, intentional or reckless misconduct. I acknowledge that BRPR has no control over and assumes no responsibility for the actions of any independent contractors providing any services for the Activity.


All Sales Are Final: No bicycle may be rented without signature and liability acceptance of a responsible adult. No cash refund for any reason; nor may the store credit be applied for unused bicycles during rental time. Bicycles must be returned or legal action will follow. 


Signature acknowledges full responsibility for the entire party: 


PRINT NAME______________________________________________ DATE:  ____/_____/_____

SIGNATURE______________________________________________ PHONE: __________________ ORIGIN ID:  _____________________ # OF GUESTS: ________


DESCRIPTION OF BIKES: _________________________2x 26″ schwinn___________________

# LOCKS:  __1_______ # HELMETS: __2_______ W/B/H+: ________2___________________

RETURN DATE &  TIME: ______________________________________________


PURCHASE AMOUNT: $__80__________________________ PURCHASE METHOD: _______________




___  I am 18-years of age or older.

___  I am healthy and capable of riding a bicycle safely. 

___  I accept responsibility for any minors (children) in my party.

___  I will obey all traffic and *cycling laws and rules of Puerto Rico.

___  I will not ride the bicycle intoxicated.

___  I have been provided business contact information in case of an emergency.

___  I will return bikes and property on time, and if late more than 15-minutes that I will be charged standard applicable rates +35% until returned. Police are called after 2-hours.

___  I am responsible for the bicycle rented, and I will immediately pay up to $400 to replace a lost or stolen Hybrid bicycle and that I will report the theft to the police immediately and file a police report.  

___  I certify that I will return bikes and property in the same condition as rented and that I am responsible for the costs of damage and repair up to $400. 

___  I certify that I will return all equipment in the same condition as rented and that I am responsible for all replacement fees: locks and key $35, helmets $50.

___  I certify that I have been given an opportunity to ask any questions and that those questions have been answered to my satisfaction. 




  1. Do not ride or roll the bikes in the sand nor in the sea or lagoon. The sand and saltwater destroy the moving parts of the bikes within 24-hours.  
  2. Be safe and aware when riding, do not be in a hurry.
  3. Do not use your cell phone while riding without using a hands-free device.
  4. Do not wear flip-flops or sandals. 
  5. Hydrate and protect your skin by drinking water and using sunblock when appropriate.
  6. Watch for potholes and obstructions in the streets. 
  7. Watch for street grates that will catch a bike tire and are hazardous. 
  8. Watch for reckless drivers and do not ride where it does not look safe..
  9. Don’t wear earphones in both ears. 




  1. All bikes are sized to each individual person.
  2. All bikes are safety-checked before releasing them to guests including viable brakes, correct tire pressure, and working gears. 
  3. Squeaks from brakes or other bike parts are addressed daily and are to some degree unavoidable, however, the squeak does not affect the safety of the bicycle. ]