Puerto Rico Bicycle Rules in English

The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico

The following is an English interpretation of the Bicycle Rules in Puerto Rico!

§ 5321a. Public Policy on Bicycle Rules in Puerto Rico

Current through all acts translated by the Translation Office of the Puerto Rico Government through the 2010 Legislative Session and various acts from 2011 to the present.


According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, there is no no bicycle helmet law in Puerto Rico.

Although there is No Bicycle Helmet law in Puerto Rico (yet), BRPR strongly advises  that everyone wears a bicycle helmet when riding.

  • Free bike helmets for everyone participating in a bike rental or bike tour.
  • Anyone choosing not to take and wear a helmet must sign a waiver.
  • No one under the age of 16 will ride a bike without a helmet.


    It is hereby declared as the public policy of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico to provide conditions that will allow and promote the use and enjoyment of bicycles as a means of transportation or recreation. As part of the implementation of this public policy, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico shall have the following responsibilities:

    (a) Instruct drivers of vehicles or motor vehicles on their obligation to share the public highways with cyclists.
    (b)  Instruct cyclists on their obligation to comply with the norms established for the use and enjoyment of all public areas.
    (c)  Provide public buildings with adequate parking areas for bicycles located near entrances.
    (d)  Motivate persons and the citizenry in general to use bicycles as a means of transportation.
    (e)  Improve and increase the quality of data pertaining to bicycle accidents.
    (f)  Amend those laws that place cyclists at a disadvantage in comparison to drivers of vehicles or motor vehicles.
    (g)  Instruct law enforcement officials, judges and prosecutors on the contents of this subchapter.
    (h)  Identify and improve streets, roads and highways so they can be used by cyclists.
    (i)  Plan and develop exclusive bicycle lanes as parallel or alternate lanes in controlled access highways.

    Bicycle Laws & Rules in Puerto Rico

    According to research the following actions are forbidden by law. These rules and safety precautions require a modern update. 

    1. To carry more passengers than the number of seats available on a bicycle.
    2. To carry packages or objects that protrudes the front or the back of the bicycle and/or wider than the width of the handlebars. [*1 Bike Trailers]
    3. To pair up with another cyclist [*2 Formation] and do not ride on the right. [*3 ?]
    4. To install and/or use a siren or horn.
    5. To use excessively the bicycle bell in urban zones.
    6. To ride on sidewalks or other structures that are destined to the exclusive use to pedestrians. [* Kids Exempt.]
    7. To ride without a white light on the front and a red light or reflector in the back.
    8. To ride a bicycle with damaged brakes.

    Riding a bicycle on highways is legal only on limited access roads. Do not ride on any busy highway if at all possible.

    The Puerto Rican Vehicle code also forbids access to motorcycles on highways if they have an engine smaller than 360 cc and all motorcycles must have a permit from the Department of Transportation and Public works to ride on a highway.


    Video of Biking Rules New York City by Mark Derho


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