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Things to Do in San Juan Puerto Rico.

La Ventana al Mar Beach & Park

Awesome things to do and see in Condado and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

These are our favorite local attractions listed here and they are all easily accessible by bicycle. Attractions within Condado are all within a short walking distance. We do not solicit or accept payment for backlinks or business recommendations. 

Favorites local recommendations

  • Biking Condado & Old San Juan
  • Beaching in Condado
  • La Placita Friday/Saturday night 
  • Jet Skiiing at Ocean Park
  • Local Food at Bebos
  • Dinner at Paseo DeCaribe
  • Beaching in OSJ and Escambron
  • El Morro and the Castillos

Biking Condado & Old San Juan

rent bike car free bike paths and bike-friendly areas in Condado and Old San Juan are plentiful.

Biking Condado & Old San Juan

Biking from Condado to Old San Juan is quick and safe on the car-free bike path. Biking around the perimeter of Old San Juan is casual waterfront island biking at it’s best. This is our most-popular actitvity and bicycles allow you to do more sightseeing and cover more ground while exerting less energy than walking.

Beaching in Condado


Condado's best beaches & blue ocean views.

It’s all about the beaches! You would still have an amazing vacation if you did nothing else other than eat, drink, and go to Condado Beaches “Atlantic Beach” and “La Ventana al Mar Beach/Park”. The local LGBTQ+ community is also well-represented at Atlantic Beach near the Oasis and Oceana entrances.  

La Placita Friday/Saturday Night

La-Placita-Mercado-Mark-Derho 12x12

Market by day, food and music and dancing in streets by night

Tourists and locals alike love this hotspot.  Local music and dancing in the streets create a memorable and enjoyable mixed (local and tourist) scene. From dusk to around 11pm it’s family-friendly dining in local restaurants at fair prices. After midnight, it’s time for the old folks and the kids to head back as the young adults flood the bars to frolic. Police are onsite and the area is safe for everyone, and for reasonable safe partying.     

Jet Skiiing at Ocean Park

La-Placita-Mercado-Mark-Derho 12x12

Jet Skiiing at Ocean Park

WOW Jet Ski. FPO add my video and description here.

Enjoy Local Food at Bebos

Bebos Cafe Loiza San Juan Puerto Rico

Bebos is where many locals go to eat lunch & dinner.

Good local food and generous-sized plates. Two or possibly  even three entrees and a bottle of wine can be had for $50. The A/C is high so it’s chilly inside. Bring a long-sleeve shirt or light sweater if you tend to get cold easily. Bebos will sometimes display local art and we have discovered an artist on those walls that we now support. 

Things to Do in Puerto Rico

Atlantic Beach is Condado’s Most Popular and Diverse Beach

ATLANTIC BEACH aka Condado Beach (Playa) is a favorite of locals, sunbathing tourists, body surfers and boogie boarders, and the LGBTQ+ community. The beaches are white sands and the waters are 100 shades of blue. Stores and bars and smoke shops are a block-away on Ashford, and restaurants will devliver to the beach.

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Things to Do in Puerto Rico

Escambron Beach in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Balneario El Escambron or Escambron Beach is located in Old San Juan and within biking or possibly walking distance from Condado, Escambron Beach features sunbathing, swimming and reasonable snorkeling and scuba diving. The family-friendly beach is named after a small fortification called Bateria del Escambron and offers plenty to do.

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Things to Do in Puerto Rico

La Ventana al Mar Park and Beach in Condado, Puerto Rico

La Ventana al Mar Beach & Park on Ashford Avenue is in Condado (Metro San Juan, Puerto Rico) was built in 2004. Fronting the Atlantic Ocean, the 1.8 hectare public space was developed by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company and designed by Puerto Rican architect Andrés Mignucci. The park has won numerous awards for design excellence.

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Puerto Rico Rights of Cyclist and Obligations of Drivers- Law 22 of 2000​
Things to Do in Puerto Rico

Bike Path Bike Ride from Condado to Old San Juan

Our #1 Rated Activity is Biking in Old San Juan. There is no better way to see Viejo San Juan than on a bicycle. The majority of the small island features a relatively new waterfront car-free bike path and access to all of the best views and attractions.

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18 Calle Marseilles
San Juan, PR 09007

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